To take a different path is usually hard It's not what most of the people do If you want to become special... you will have to do something new . Many will mock you for not being like them Let their mocking be a motivation Who would not like to be one in a million … Continue reading Illuminate


There’s Nothing I Can’t Learn

They want me to talk of virtue When I know the least about it, They want me to settle in this world Even though I don't fit, They want me to look up to someone Who I don't even like, They're handing me down a torch That I can't ignite, They are pushing me into … Continue reading There’s Nothing I Can’t Learn

Let’s Talk

Let's talk while we walk Not looking at each other Our shadows collide as we move We'll talk slowly and feel the wind And the warmth of the sunshine As it lightens up our clothes and hair Then we'll stop talking and walking And sit somewhere alone but together Silence will surround us As the … Continue reading Let’s Talk

Why So Anxious?

An uninvited friend, Anxiety, stepped into my mind in the middle of the night. (Yeah, he always does that.) Anxiety: "Hey, 'sup dude?! Trying to sleep or something? You're not supposed to do that!! Come on, I've got a looong list of things you should think about." Me: "But... I need to sleep now. I've … Continue reading Why So Anxious?