Clashes-- blue latibule--with myriads of metanoia Rises off of isles, meets serendipity Dubious, devoid, drifted apart Catches the mist, watching lambent light... aesthete eyes Ethereal, ineffable limerence, to be free - Naeem Malik Thanks for coming 😊 Tell me in comments.

My Terrible Tale

I wish I could avoid looking at you, those screaming eyes, those wordless lips I called your name in my dream, thought you'd hear when my heartbeat skips Could look at you counting moments, now you'd go, then you'll come My terrible tale, my only one... © Naeem Malik Thanks for reading. 😊

Stars and the Moon

Don't love those stars Don't love that moon Contain that motion Contain that what carries From when you saw To every time that you'll see No love for those stars No love for that moon shall be A crack now and then will appear While writing the dream story Poems will find reason Looking back … Continue reading Stars and the Moon

There’s Nothing I Can’t Learn

They want me to talk of virtue When I know the least about it, They want me to settle in this world Even though I don't fit, They want me to look up to someone Who I don't even like, They're handing me down a torch That I can't ignite, They are pushing me into … Continue reading There’s Nothing I Can’t Learn